Example 11: O Christ, you are both light and day

Words: Plainsong hymn Christe, qui Lux es et dies,” 6th c., ver. Hymnal 1982 (stanzas 1-3) and Charles P. Price (stanza 5)
Music: Christe, qui Lux es et dies, plainsong, Mode 2, Mailander Hymnen, 15th c.
Recording: The Compline Choir, live broadcast , 2 Sep 2012

O Christ, you are both light and day,
You drive away the shadowed night;
As Daystar you precede the dawn,
The Herald of the light to come.

We pray you, O most holy Lord,
To be our guardian while we sleep;
Bestow on us who rest in you
The blessing of a quiet night.

Although our eyes in sleep be closed,
Let hearts in constant vigil watch;
With your right hand you will protect
Those who believe and trust in you.

O Christ, Redeemer of the world,
O God, our Maker and our end,
O Spirit, bond of peace and love,
To you be thanks and endless praise.

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